The Return of Kenshin and Red Bull 2.0


1. If u want to stay in Red Bull u want to be tested In minimum 2
Drift Places :

-Big Ear
-Free Style

2. The test and vids are whit elegy stock ! only the test free style can be in Handling Modificated

3. When you are in Red Bull, u need have 1 car of RedBull

4. This is an important Rule that I want that everybody do,Is that everybody has respect to each other.

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Red Bull Drift-Rally Team
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End of Kenshin

Well guys thanks so much for visit the page, for drift with me, for are my friends. But this
time i quit samp for many reasons:

- Friends are not like another times
- I cant drift because all the time peoples saying: noob's, or something
- Samp are bored
- I dont want my friends in RBDT cry because so many peoples say stupid thinks.

and well Thanks all the people because i pass a very good times with you.
I Kenshin quit samp for so much time......

Thanks all the people.... Thanks guys !! :)



Bueno Chicos muchas gracias por visitar la pagina, por hacer drift conmigo, por ser mis amigos.
Pero esta ves dejo samp por muchas razones:

- Los amigos no son como eran antes.
- No puedo hacer drift bien, por otros diciendo todo el rato Noobs o algo por el estilo.
- Samp ahora es Aburrido
- No quero que mis amigos en RBDT se sientan mal por giles diciendo cosas malas todo el tiempo.

y bueno muchas gracias a todas las personas que estuvieron conmigo, porque pase un muy buen tiempo con ustedes.

Yo Kenshin me retiro del samp por mucho tiempo.....

Gracias a todos..... Gracias Chicos !!! :)

- Kenshin

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