The Return of Kenshin and Red Bull 2.0


1. If u want to stay in Red Bull u want to be tested In minimum 2
Drift Places :

-Big Ear
-Free Style

2. The test and vids are whit elegy stock ! only the test free style can be in Handling Modificated

3. When you are in Red Bull, u need have 1 car of RedBull

4. This is an important Rule that I want that everybody do,Is that everybody has respect to each other.

Thanks for reading this


Red Bull Drift-Rally Team
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Well guys i hate the Tag RBDT :D ! i like Red Bull cuz its a power name so... now no RBDT anymore
the new tag is





not RBDT anymore RB! bye



New Leader...And Members

Hey Guys Kenshin its off but now hes brother plays GTA name: Rockstar.!

Another notice new Leader its Ployer / Sanosuke he its the new leader of Red Bull Drift Team,
Welcome to the best position Sanosuke, now enjoy the "LEADER" and do RBDT a nice crew.

New Members:

- Takagi / Saliva

- Mexxa

- Troux


End of Kenshin

Well guys thanks so much for visit the page, for drift with me, for are my friends. But this
time i quit samp for many reasons:

- Friends are not like another times
- I cant drift because all the time peoples saying: noob's, or something
- Samp are bored
- I dont want my friends in RBDT cry because so many peoples say stupid thinks.

and well Thanks all the people because i pass a very good times with you.
I Kenshin quit samp for so much time......

Thanks all the people.... Thanks guys !! :)



Bueno Chicos muchas gracias por visitar la pagina, por hacer drift conmigo, por ser mis amigos.
Pero esta ves dejo samp por muchas razones:

- Los amigos no son como eran antes.
- No puedo hacer drift bien, por otros diciendo todo el rato Noobs o algo por el estilo.
- Samp ahora es Aburrido
- No quero que mis amigos en RBDT se sientan mal por giles diciendo cosas malas todo el tiempo.

y bueno muchas gracias a todas las personas que estuvieron conmigo, porque pase un muy buen tiempo con ustedes.

Yo Kenshin me retiro del samp por mucho tiempo.....

Gracias a todos..... Gracias Chicos !!! :)

- Kenshin


Kenshin Drift Races

Well guyz im ungry, so many peoples bad loosers say stupid things about me.
wen i win, im a hacker. Wen i loose im a noob, some of this peoples are the "popular" peoples when lost and are a bad loosers say all the people. whit this all the people think me (kenshin) and RBDT are noobs ¬¬ so i decided to stop race for a big time. now i only drift for Free Style whit my friends, because i dont want bad loosers say me: Noob or Hacker. so STOP BAD LOOSERS TO SAY THAT!



Bueno Chicos estoy muy enojado, muchas personas las cuales son malos perdedores dicen estipidas cosas de mi. cuando yo gano me tratan de hacker y cuando yo pierdo me tratan de noob, muchas de estas personas son gente "popular" que cuando ellos pierden son malos perdedores y dicen cosas malas mias a otras personas. Con esto mucha gente me toma de noob a mi y a RBDT, asique decidi parar de correr por un largo tiempo, ahora solo correre por Free Stly econ mis amigos porque no quero mas malos perdedores que me digan: Noob o Hacker. Asique PAREN DE SER MALOS PERDEDORES Y DE DECIR ESO!



Final of WDRB

Well guyz now WDRB -> World Drift Red bull dont exist. Now its
NBDT-> Noise Bomb Drift Team
Finaly dont war whit this clan but i want the clan war (:
bb guys

-Kenshin Drift

Kenshin Drift (Leader)

well guys finally i got my NEW PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i play without Lag and i can Film videos for the clan ;D!!!! Nice its evry nice so :) now conected because i want to film videos :D.


-Kenshin Drift



RBDT wins because of default. Only one person from TF showed up so we automatically win.
TF have the Revanche if want.

Next Race: WDRB vs RBDT


Enemis of Red Bull Drift Team

well guys we have a fucking copy of Crew WDRB this fucking crew its a copy of our Crew it means World Drift Red Bull : Creator RedBull ¬¬ lol well im so ungry i want a race whit this shit so Next race RBDT vs WDRB!

Bye Guys !



Nissan Silvia S14 Red Bull Drift Team

Car from J2HIN/Original model converted by: Andre_A1
Front bumber and skirts from J2HIN and converted by: Matheus-340
Tuned by: Serravitor
This it is for RBDT(Red Bull drift Team).
Nice drift car


Next Clan War

So Team we race 5 of May Red Bull Drift Team vs Team Falken , i want respect to each other dont fight for win or lose , I race , Ployer Race and Raptor Race. Practice and Come the clan war , but friendship whit TF. i want a clean clan war pls and dont fight :)



Nissan Skyline R33 RBDT Skin

Nissan Skyline R33 Red Bull Drift Team
Make By: MTS-340
PJ Make By : Serravitor


Red Bull Drift Team Elegy Pj By: Hashrul and Serravitor


End of Clan Wars (For Now)

Okey , we win 7 Races whit so many crews in March. now in Abril we training to Race in May so if u want a Clan War srry but we dont race anymore (in May yes).

Races Win by RBDT : 7 Wars - 15 Races in all of wars.
Races lost by RBDT: --------- Never Lose.

First Race in May: 5 May . RBDT vs ZDT

Thanks for Read this - Enter the Crew - And do Drift!



Clan Wars

- Red Bull only Race whit others crew in: March - May - July - September - November - December.

Serravitor Official car Red Bull

So other R34 for Red Bull Crew but this time is the official car of Serravitor :) enjoy




Kenshin Official Car Nissan R34

Okay.. I say all the people in Red Bull need 1 car so this is my car ;D a
Nissan Skyline GT R34 Nice uh?




Lamorghini Red Bull

Nice uh? well this car the creator is: Luches !
Thx luches nice car.




Red Bull Name

if you are in Red Bull you choose your name ...i mean u put


[RB]Kenshin ===> RedBull Kenshin


[RBDT]Kenshin ===> RedBull Drift Team Kenshin

u decide

thx for read this



Red Bull Crew on Life For Speed and Grand Theft Auto

Red Bull Crew is now in Life For Speed too !

get Hamachi and the serv is:

Red Bull Crew
pass: 1234

and no pass in the game




Red Bull Members

Only 6 member in the crew no more! so drift good and join in this crew!


Welcome !

Hi im Kenshin and i Decided Created a crew called Red Bull is based on Drift and Rally. This clan its not open yet and we are not accepting people. In 1 month its open and i accept peoples :D

Bye Thx For Read this