The Return of Kenshin and Red Bull 2.0


1. If u want to stay in Red Bull u want to be tested In minimum 2
Drift Places :

-Big Ear
-Free Style

2. The test and vids are whit elegy stock ! only the test free style can be in Handling Modificated

3. When you are in Red Bull, u need have 1 car of RedBull

4. This is an important Rule that I want that everybody do,Is that everybody has respect to each other.

Thanks for reading this


Red Bull Drift-Rally Team
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Final of WDRB

Well guyz now WDRB -> World Drift Red bull dont exist. Now its
NBDT-> Noise Bomb Drift Team
Finaly dont war whit this clan but i want the clan war (:
bb guys

-Kenshin Drift

Kenshin Drift (Leader)

well guys finally i got my NEW PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i play without Lag and i can Film videos for the clan ;D!!!! Nice its evry nice so :) now conected because i want to film videos :D.


-Kenshin Drift



RBDT wins because of default. Only one person from TF showed up so we automatically win.
TF have the Revanche if want.

Next Race: WDRB vs RBDT


Enemis of Red Bull Drift Team

well guys we have a fucking copy of Crew WDRB this fucking crew its a copy of our Crew it means World Drift Red Bull : Creator RedBull ¬¬ lol well im so ungry i want a race whit this shit so Next race RBDT vs WDRB!

Bye Guys !



Nissan Silvia S14 Red Bull Drift Team

Car from J2HIN/Original model converted by: Andre_A1
Front bumber and skirts from J2HIN and converted by: Matheus-340
Tuned by: Serravitor
This it is for RBDT(Red Bull drift Team).
Nice drift car